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Jove Brand is Near Death

When Ken Allen is framed for the murder, the only way to escape the deathtrap is to play the part of famous, fictional superspy Jove Brand for real. Ken confronts Chinese film moguls, Russian oligarchs, and the dowager queen of the Jove Brand franchise, all of whom enjoy dwelling in elaborate lairs and will do anything it takes to secure the rights to the multi-billion dollar franchise.

Heroes Ever Die

In his world, everyone wears a mask.

When the actors who play iconic superheroes in big screen blockbusters start dying on set, Ken Allen, failed actor and neophyte detective, answers the call after the blame falls on effects expert Ray Ford, Ken’s oldest friend.

But the deaths are not accidental. Someone is killing heroes. Maybe for love, maybe for money. Maybe for both. Ken Allen finds himself outmatched and outgunned when he learns that Ray Ford’s banished apprentice makes weapons that are anything but props.

King Me

The King is Dead, and the Game is Afoot.

The hit TV show, The Lands Beyond, has become a cultural phenomenon, influencing fashion and baby name trends. Its creator, R. R. Reynard, masterminds the story each season, pitting the cast against each other in a toxic, kill or be killed, environment. But Reynard has even greater ambitions.

He’s formed a feudalistic society of superfans who are willing to do anything to rise in the ranks and be officially canonized as a character on The Lands Beyond. With the show set to enter its final season, the cast, crew, and superfans attend a …